About Mack

Mack, a Los Angeles native born and raised, is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and a Corrective Exercise Specialist with more than nine years of experience.

He has always had a natural propensity for athletics and has been an all-around athlete for most of his life. His natural athletic skill combined with a passion for all things fitness encouraged him to pursue it as a career and share that love with others.

With years of being an athlete under his belt excelling in multiple sports, personal fitness was always a permanent fixture in his life, recognizing early on the significance of taking care of one’s body both internally and externally.

At 19 Mack began his journey into bodybuilding, which is where his love of training was really ignited. He was motivated by his own success, and decided to use that enthusiasm as motivation to push himself further in order to help others achieve their individual fitness goals.
Mack strives for each of his clients to realize their full potential by challenging and pushing them past their comfort zones. His ability to mentor, motivate and inspire has enabled numerous people to accept challenges, overcome fears and raise their fitness to the next level.

His guidance has allowed them to not only reach their initial goals, but create new goals.